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Lokhandwala, Mumbai

"Soothing and serene, our muted color palette home design is the perfect place to relax and unwind."

Our clients, a young couple who were looking for a home that reflected their personalities, a marketing professional working in an MNC firm and his partner. They wanted a home that was calm and subtle with more open spaces.After searching for months, they finally found the perfect home. We designed their home with their personalities in mind and had an open floor plan that allowed for plenty of natural light to flow through the space. The couple wanted calm and subtle color palette that was used throughout the home.

The living room was designed with comfort in mind and had plenty of seating options for entertaining guests. The couple also loved the ‘me time’ corner that was created in the living room where they could retire with a good book or gadget.The bedroom was designed to be a peaceful retreat with soft lighting and comfortable bedding.

The couple loved the large windows that allowed for plenty of natural light to flow through the space.Overall, a home designed by Saima Salam Design with a muted color palette is a beautiful and elegant space that is perfect for relaxing and unwinding.

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