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Founder, Creative Head

Discover Saima Salam Design, a top-notch interior design consultancy based out of Mumbai with a unique flair for eclectic, vibrant design. Led by Saima Salam, who brings over a decade of industry experience with renowned designers and real estate firms to the table, this team creates stunning spaces which reflect the latest trends and global design. With her cheerful personality and helpful approach, you're sure to get the best results through Saima Salam Design.

Saima Salam

"Design can be Art. Design can be Aesthetics. Design is so simple that's why it is so complicated."
- Paul Rand


Saima Salam Design is an interior design consultancy that offers excellence in design, documentation and timely completion of projects. Our unique approach combines diverse design expertise with a thoughtful process that includes study and research, combined with technical knowledge, creative skills, and artistic judgement. We take pride in our attention to detail, proportions, and scale.

At Saima Salam Design, we understand and respect the needs of our clients, and believe that good design is the result of a collaborative process. We strive to create beautiful, functional, and sustainable spaces that reflect our clients’ individual styles and personalities.

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Zaheer Memon, Zara Habitats

Saima, it goes without saying, how dedicated you've always been about your work and the priority it takes over everything else. It was your conviction that helped you reach where you have today. I'm only happy we met at the right time and you agreed to take up the assignment.
Best, always,  keep scaling heights.

Priya Mehta, Aquaria Grande

Saima Salam Design is a very upmarket interior designing firm . It’s well updated with the latest designs besides the owner of the firm , Saima is a very considerate and a creative person who understands the nitty gritty of the designs to the core which makes the path smooth during the process of interiors. I highly recommend Saima Salam Design anyone who wishes to have classy interiors which in turn will surely turn out to be happy happy at both the ends . All smiles :))

Satish Mohile, Kohinoor Altissimo

" I should have called you much earlier to say A BIG THANK YOU. We moved into Kohinoor yesterday evening. What a fantastic job you have done and very ably supported by the contractor. Contractor and his team have been quite good in their work and overall approach to the work, under your superb guidance. Once again Thank You and wishing all the very best to you all"

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