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Saima Salam

Saima began her career in 2007 after studying Interior Design from SNDT University. Working over 10 years with many reknowned designers like Bobby Mukherji, Rajiv Saini & real estate firms like The Wadhwa Group, she started her independent practice in 2015.
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"Design can be Art. Design can be Aesthetics. Design is so simple that's why it is so complicated." - Paul Rand


SAIMA SALAM DESIGN is a specialist interior design company providing design consultancy services in the hospitality, residential, corporate office, retail, lifestyle and leisure markets. We are known for excellence in design, documentation and timely completion of projects. We are diverse by design and bring together expertise in various feilds. This means that in each project we understand and respect the social and cultural needs of the clients we are designing for. We believe good design must arise from this thoughtful process of study and research, which is combined with technical knowledge, social and political understanding, then synthesised through creative skill and artistic judgement. The unavoidable random and unforeseen events that occur in every project do not derail the process, rather they allow the possibility of adding richness and surprising solutions to the design. Robustness, attention to detail, proportions, and scale, together with common sense, stoicism ensure a completed project that is a step towards a better world.


Saima Salam Design is a very upmarket interior designing firm . It’s well updated with the latest designs besides the owner of the firm , Saima is a very considerate and a creative person who understands the nitty gritty of the designs to the core which makes the path smooth during the process of interiors. I highly recommend Saima Salam Design anyone who wishes to have classy interiors ,which in turn will surely turn out to be happy happy at both the ends . All smiles :))

Priya Mehta

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