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Khar, Mumbai

"Create the Ultimate Retreat: Elegant Vacation Home with a Black Glass Bathroom Partition & Emerald Green padded wall from Saima Salam Design"

Located in a posh old Khar/Bandra area, the house has undergone resurrection from its old state. The property is a vacation home to the NRI clients. Our team feels honoured to have clients who entrusted us with refurbishing their house while they were away.

The living area has a monochromatic, contemporary look. The dainty centre tables, the floor lamp and a tiled feature wall facing the sofa are the characterising features of the space. The green sofa chair against the sheer beige drapes paints a sassy picture. The adjacent dining area has a bolder look. The dining seating is deliberately chaotic-chairs are upholstered with tropical print and pink velvet, and a mauve-coloured sofa is a part of the arrangement. Three white lamps of different forms overlook the dining area, imparting it a fun and laid-back vibe.

By tearing down the wall between the kitchen and dining area, a more free-flowing layout opened up. The kitchen is simple; the iconic pairing of silver and white plays up the marble flooring. An intriguing panel made of mirrors and plywood faces the dining area. On either side of this panel are the entrances to the two bedrooms.

The master bedroom has a funky look courtesy of the upholstered teal panel behind the bed. Carving out a walk-in wardrobe space next to the en-suite bathroom enhanced luxury. The second bedroom follows a similar theme with a velvety, royal blue bed head. A black, tinted glass separates the bed space and the bathroom, rendering the room spunky.

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