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Kandivali, Mumbai

"White, Natural & Minimal: A Mumbai Home that blends the Urban Chic of San Francisco with Simplicity & Family"

Nestled in Mumbai's vibrant streets, this home, commissioned by a client from San Francisco, is more than just a design endeavor; it's a heartfelt gift for the client's parents, orchestrated with meticulous attention to detail and cultural significance.

In the living room, a harmonious blend of beige tones exudes warmth and elegance, while textured surfaces intertwine seamlessly, inviting relaxation. An arched window bathes the space in natural light, complemented by a captivating artwork depicting a profound conversation between Gandhi and MLK—a homage to the client's admiration for Gandhi's teachings.

Functionality seamlessly integrates storage solutions into the fabric of the home, ensuring every aspect of the design is imbued with purpose.

Designed for comfort and convenience, the guest bedroom features a drop-down bed, flanked by a bar and vanity dresser. A nostalgic touch—a swing—evokes fond memories from the client's childhood, while Indian artistry adorns the space with hints of pichwai fabric adding an authentic flair.

Infused with serene beige hues and terracotta accents, the master bedroom exudes a sense of serenity. Fabric-paneled wardrobe shutters and a cozy study table facilitate intimate video calls with the client's family abroad, while pichwai plates adorn the walls, celebrating India's rich artistic heritage.

Minimal yet luxurious, the bathrooms captivate with their self-textured walls and understated gold fittings—a testament to refined taste and sophistication.

Despite geographical distances, the client remained intricately involved in the selection process, seamlessly communicating preferences through online channels. Local artisans and craftsmen brought these visions to life, ensuring every detail met the client's discerning standards.

As the project drew to a close, the most gratifying moment unfolded—a heartfelt home tour for the client's parents, brimming with surprise, joy, and cherished memories.

In this cross-cultural symphony, every element harmonizes to create a space that transcends borders—a testament to love, familial bonds, and the universal language of design.

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