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Kandivali, Mumbai

"White, Natural & Minimal: A Mumbai Home that blends the Urban Chic of San Francisco with Simplicity & Family"

We were delighted to work with a young couple from San Francisco who wanted to create a cozy and elegant interior design for their parents' apartment in Mumbai. They envisioned a white and minimalistic theme that would reflect their modern and sophisticated taste, while also incorporating natural textures and elements to bring warmth and comfort to the space.

One of their special requests was to have a swing in the house, which they said was a sacrosanct feature for them. We were happy to oblige and designed a custom-made wooden swing that became the focal point of the living room. The swing added a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to the otherwise sleek and contemporary design.

The result was a stunning and serene apartment that blended the best of both worlds: the urban chic of San Francisco and the traditional charm of Mumbai.

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