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From Maps to Mantles: 5 Creative Ways to Use Travel Souvenirs in Your Decor

For the passionate traveler, the desire to explore never truly fades. Even when you're back home, between adventures, that yearning for far-flung destinations can linger. But why not bring the essence of your journey's home? Travel decor is more than just souvenirs; it's a way to transform your living space into a personal museum of memories and a constant source of inspiration for future escapades.

Globe Trotter's Gallery Wall

Let's start with the classic: the gallery wall. This versatile canvas allows you to showcase your collected treasures, from vintage postcards and maps to quirky souvenirs and framed photographs. 

Arrange your finds in a thematic cluster, a chronological timeline, or a vibrant mosaic that reflects your unique travel aesthetic. Don't be afraid to mix and match textures and sizes for a dynamic display.

Souvenirs with Soul

Beyond the wall, incorporate your souvenirs into your everyday decor. 

  • A hand-woven textile from Morocco can become a stunning throw blanket

  • While a wooden mask from Bali can add an exotic touch to your bookshelf. 

  • Arrange ceramic figurines from Mexico on a mantelpiece or

  • Display a collection of colorful glass beads from Africa in a decorative bowl. These little pieces, imbued with the spirit of their place of origin, will add a touch of global flair to your home.

Missed a souvenir? No worries! Click here to find similar treasures close to home!

Map Mania

Maps are more than just navigational tools; they're visual representations of our vast and captivating world. Embrace their cartographic charm by incorporating them into your decor. Hang a vintage world map as a statement piece in your living room, or use smaller maps to create coasters, lampshades, or even table runners. Let these geographical guides spark conversations about future adventures and inspire you to chart your next course.

Bring the travel vibes back with local finds inspired by your global adventures.

Window to the World

Create a cozy nook dedicated to your wanderlust. Curl up in a comfy armchair by the window, surrounded by travel books, overflowing with tales of faraway lands. Place a plush globe on a side table, ready to be spun into daydreams of exotic destinations. Add scented candles that evoke the aromas of your favorite travel memories, and let the natural light paint your own personal postcard view.

Travel Trunks: Treasures Within

Vintage suitcases and trunks are not just relics of bygone eras; they're treasure chests brimming with potential. Repurpose them as coffee tables, ottomans, or even side tables. Fill them with travel books, maps, or trinkets, letting their worn leather and faded brass whisper stories of past adventures. These timeworn pieces will add a touch of timeless elegance to your decor and serve as constant reminders of the journeys that have shaped you.

Check out these multi utility Trunks:

Transform your home into a haven for your adventurous spirit with these travel decor ideas.

Let your space be a reflection of your wanderlust, a celebration of your collected memories, and a constant source of inspiration for the journeys yet to come. So, dust off your souvenirs, unleash your creativity, and get ready to turn your home into a passport to endless possibilities.

Bon voyage!

I hope this blog post inspires you to bring the spirit of travel into your home. With a little creativity, you can transform your space into a haven for your inner explorer, a place where the next adventure is always just a daydream away.

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