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Ghatkopar, Mumbai

"Illuminating Interiors: Creating a Dramatic Experience Centre with massive light installation for Kimberly Clark"

Kimberly Clark, the mammoth manufacturer, has established an Experience Centre in Mumbai to promote innovation, scientific approach and discussions. The overall design of the centre speaks of subdued tones accompanied by bountiful herbage. The display of the experience centre is as vivid as the interior. One out of three visible exterior walls is a white lacquer feature wall that displays Kimberly Clark’s logo accented with a long, LED-lit niche. On one of the adjacent sides, including a curved corner, lies a display window and the entrance to the centre.

Suspended from a stone-finish ceiling are bunches of stringy greens, brought in focus by a backdrop of dark-toned timber slats. Slim, white counters of varying height on a lush, green grass carpet showcase products manufactured by the giant. The third side is a glass wall, along with a door that allows a peek into the experience centre. The interior of the experience centre has three parts—an exhibition area, an open discussion area, and a model powder room to display all the manufactured products with relevance.

The exhibition area has a counter that has an angular-shaped, white veneer top jutting out of a mirror-finished bottom. Behind the counter is a display wall of the latest products. In front of the entrance area are the open discussion and the model powder room side-by-side, separated by a burly timber partition. The flooring brings about demarcation—the exhibition area adorns timber-finished flooring and the others by a grass carpet. The discussion area has a TV and a table for four perfect for on-the-spot discussions. The powder room’s part of the timber partition is converted into a feature wall carrying all the brand names of the products beautifully merged with leafy squares.

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