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"Add a Dash of Sweet and Soft Aesthetics to Your Cafe with Saima Salam Design's Cute Pastel Hue Cafe Design!"

This project aimed at designing a coffee shop in a modern yet natural setting. The facade of the cafe is adorned by glass with frosted film & a tall well lit signage. As you enter you are welcomed by a fresh natural setting of vertical green wall leading to the mezzanine level. The high ceiling is enhanced by multi level hanging lighting giving a sense of warmth and accentuating the volume. The space is setup with 3 distinct seating- casual, formal & lounge. Each setup is defined by its unique colour scheme, furniture & lighting. The use of metal, wood flooring, exposed brick work & open ceiling gives the cafe a casual & chic feel providing the customers a cosy environment to unwind over a cup of coffee.
Lower Level
Staircase leading to Upper Level
Bridge connecting both Mezzanine
Upper Level
Lounge Area
Lower Level
Beverage Counter
Lower Level
Lower Level
Lower Level
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