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Lower Parel, Mumbai

"Elevate Your Space with Saima Salam Design – Black Screen Arch. Mettalic Wall. Bold Interior"

The Sky Villa, located in the heart of Mumbai in Lower Parel, offers a stunning view of the Mahalaxmi racecourse. If this view does not take your breath away, an around-the-home deck spanning 700 sq. ft. overlooks the Arabian Sea. A humble outdoor pool-cum-jacuzzi and a minimal, monochromatic standing bar add luxury to the deck. Doing justice to the exteriors, the plush interiors of the space surprise you with a splash of colour now and then.

The living area is as sophisticated as it can get. Neutral-toned furniture accented by white wall panels highlights the attached green deck. The banquette seating dining area, separated from the modern, open kitchen by an arched window, exhibits a gorgeous white marble tabletop supported by a metal base as the dining table.The TV-cum-kids’s room embodies sunshine with its yellow feature wall, setting a cheery mood. A black-and-white rug matching the tall PU finish wardrobes balances out the radiance in the room, and acoustic ceiling panels guarantee an ideal Netflix binging experience!

The junior master bedrooms continue the theme with the royal blue, zig-zag backdrop that renders it zealous. Above the blue panelling, a pine-print wallpaper matches the drapes over the full-height windows at the side. The gold metal frame racks at the side of the bed bring the look together.

The master bedroom is heavily adorned in forest green and has a unique layout.

The entryway of the bedroom is behind the headboard of the bed. The bed faces a generous balcony, with a study table tucked behind the bed. Until now, all the spaces speak volumes about their influence on the French style, and the bathrooms are no different. Adorned in white marble, the bathroom of the master bedroom exudes a cosy vibe.

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