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The Evolution of Interior Design: Tracing the Origins of a Profession

When we think of interior design, we often assume it has been a longstanding profession deeply embedded in our history. However, the term "interior designer" itself is relatively young, with a history spanning less than a century. The emergence of this profession can be attributed to significant societal shifts, such as the industrial revolution, urbanization, and the rise of mass production. In this blog, we will explore the origins of interior design, highlighting the pivotal role played by Frank Alvah Parsons, who coined the term and established the first interior design school in New York in 1904.

The Impact of the Industrial Revolution:

The 19th-century industrial revolution brought about remarkable changes in society, transforming manufacturing processes, transportation, and the overall way of life. As urbanization increased and middle-class households expanded, the demand for functional and aesthetically pleasing living spaces grew. People sought to create comfortable homes that reflected their taste and aspirations. This demand laid the groundwork for the emergence of interior design as a distinct profession.

Frank Alvah Parsons

Pioneering the Profession:

In the early 20th century, Frank Alvah Parsons, an influential figure in design education, recognized the need for a specialized discipline that focused on creating harmonious and functional interiors. In 1904, Parsons founded the Chase School of Art and introduced a program specifically dedicated to interior design. He is credited with coining the term "interior designer" to describe professionals engaged in the art and science of creating interior spaces that went beyond mere decoration.

The Rise of Interior Design Education:

As the profession gained recognition, educational institutions began offering programs and courses focused on interior design. Parsons' Chase School of Art, which later became Parsons School of Design, was among the first to provide formal training in interior design. This paved the way for other schools and colleges to follow suit, emphasizing the importance of both artistic creativity and technical skills in the field. The establishment of these educational programs played a crucial role in shaping interior design as a respected profession.

From Decoration to Design:

Prior to the advent of interior design as a profession, the emphasis was primarily on interior decoration. The term "interior decorator" was used to describe individuals who focused on selecting and arranging furnishings, fabrics, and accessories within a given space. However, interior design introduced a more comprehensive approach that encompassed not only decoration but also the strategic planning of space, consideration of functionality, and integration of design elements to create cohesive interiors. This shift in focus elevated interior design to a multidimensional discipline, distinct from mere decoration.

Evolution and Recognition:

Throughout the 20th century, interior design continued to evolve, adapting to societal changes, technological advancements, and design trends. The profession gained recognition and acceptance as more individuals sought professional expertise to enhance their living and working environments. Today, interior designers play a vital role in transforming spaces, employing their creativity, technical knowledge, and understanding of human needs to create visually stunning and functional interiors.


The term "interior designer" may be relatively young, but its roots can be traced back to the societal transformations brought about by the industrial revolution and urbanization. Frank Alvah Parsons, with his pioneering efforts and establishment of the first interior design school, played a significant role in shaping the profession. From its humble beginnings, interior design has evolved into a multidisciplinary field that combines artistry, technical skills, and knowledge to create spaces that enrich the lives of their inhabitants. As we embrace the future, it is worth acknowledging the relatively short but impactful journey that has led interior design to its present status as a respected and influential profession.

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