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Location: Dadar

Step Into a Regal Adobe in The Heart of the Dream City of Mumbai

Saima Salam transforms an apartment located in the middle of the hustling city into a palladian-style home in the city centre - Dadar. Mumbai, the city where people from around the world come with heavy bags full of dreams, welcomes them all with open arms. However, in a metropolis filled with so many, finding a home that offers peace and tranquillity is becoming difficult.

But when Saima Salam laid hands on the 1400 sq-feet Bombay apartment located at the heart of the city, she turned it into a place where two generations — one from India and the other from London — could feel at home.

The client's vision for the home was simple; knowing that her parents would spend the most time in the house, a mix of both worlds, London and India, where her parents were from, was the best fit. What followed was a modern victorian colour palette, with highlight contrasts to match the vibrant nature of Indian aesthetics.

The apartment hosts three bedrooms, of which two, were styled with poster beds in chalkboard black frame, with detailed wooden carvings on a brick lane-inspired background. "The client wanted carved and traditional touches to the space. Her taste developed from her travels and when we suggested the poster beds, we brought in the carving element. Giving the beds a modern victorian touch," says Saima. A life-size mirror with an intricately carved golden frame adds to the regal feel of the room.
The bedrooms host a cosy sitting area where statement chairs with floral prints add a subtle blend of the culture, and the rattan for the wardrobe adds a hint of old-fashion.

The openness between the dining area is hard to miss, and the living room is an extension of how the family welcomes visitors. The six-seater dining table is an invitation for their guest to enjoy more than just a chat, but also a wholesome meal with the family. The wooden slatted brown wall that breaks into a breakfast counter with a window into the kitchen was a technique Saima utilised to bring natural light into the kitchen.
The ceiling boasts an elegant and dainty chandelier, yet again a reminder of the modern Victorian theme of the apartment. The creme marble gently shifts into handmade ceramic tiles where the sideboard sits. Hints of carvings and intricate details flow around the house like a soft breeze such as the leather details in the shutter of the sideboard.

The living room enjoys a bounty of natural light and a photogenic view of the city skyline. The contrasting walls elevate the sense of space in the already spaciously built room where Saima designates space to scatters of furniture. The deep green sofa, which boasts a wainscoting wall in the background, echoes the hues of the dark walnut wood veneer standing opposite. The play with floral prints and contrasts continues with the wooden armchair and chaise that balance each other. While the lounge chair styled in the foreground of the walnut wall becomes a personified version of the two generations that live under this roof. The bookshelf with brass accents descending from the ceiling enhances the sense of space in the room.

There is a striking reminder of prints in the overall aesthetics of the house which one would spot in different parts of the home. Be it the quatrefoil carpet in the living room or the handmade tiles in the dining room. Or the patchwork cushions with 'Nath' (Maharashtrian nose pin ) push the home on the edge of dainty yet bold.
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